Mike Kolls (L) for Congress

United States House of Representatives
Texas District #24 - map

email - Rep@tx24.us

Our federal govít is too big; it tries to do too much.
What is does, it does poorly.


The Federal Govít Must


ĒAlways have a bias towards FreedomĒ
Judge Andrew Napolitano

Conduct Politics Better than Usual
Civility, NOT hostility

Reduce the Size, Scope, and Reach
of the federal govít
Individual Liberty is irresistible.

Why is Liberty! absent from
national discussions/debates?


2016 politics were revolting.

Public servants should behave better.
We The People deserve better.

Politics Better Than Usual

Corrupted govít will NOT correct itself.
A smaller govít will:
   +  create fewer unintended consequences
   +  provide fewer troughs for insiders

Follow Article I Section 8 of
The Constitution of the United States.

Smaller Gov't via Spending Cuts


Are you disgusted with the federal gov't?
If not, why not?


Dare to Lead

Be that guy!


for THE PEOPLE The issues facing our nation

for The House

for The Senate

Compared to Ds and Rs

Just Do Something?

My thoughts on:
District 24 incumbent
Mr Trump's agenda

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Limited gov't - a servant, NOT a lord


Life, Liberty, Property!