Mike Kolls (L) for Congress 2016

United States House of Representatives
Texas District #24 - map

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Our government is broken.
It serves those in power, NOT We The People!

As the government grows, we lose Liberty.


Deep Problems
The Elites and Media
The Way Forward
Massive Debt

Dysfunctional Gov't

Ill-Conceived Legislation

Focus here!
Ignore the Deep Problems...

i.  Armed conflicts in the Middle East
ii.  Presidential primary rules
iii.  Transgender bathrooms
iv.  Celebrity watching
v.  Sports controversies
vi.  TV sitcoms with "social" issues


Local Decisions

Pay the Federal Debt

Better Politics

Libertarian Party


I need your feedback,your ideas, and your support.

and consider...
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them."- Albert Einstein


What do YOU want our federal govít to do?
Let's start a conversation - talkwithmike2014@yahoo.com.


Life, Liberty, Property!

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