Mike Kolls (L) for Congress 2016

United States House of Representatives
Texas District #24 - map

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Does Congress Represent You?

Since 2000 (under both R and D “leaders”), has the federal government:
  1.   Zealously defended your rights?
  2.   “Allowed” you to act following your conscience?
  3.   Kept discussions/debates on the issues?
  4.   Balanced the federal budget?
  5.   Cared for our returning veterans?
  6.   Convinced you that war is necessary? And perpetual?
  7.   Defined an immigration process?
  8.   Negotiated trade agreements that increase consumer choices... and benefit US citizens?
  9.   Removed BIG money from politics?

9 NOs!!

I will work towards YES, except # vi.


We The Peeps

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."
Amendment IX

Unlike any other nation, We The Peeps have ultimate authority. The government works for us; not the other way around. Yet, we aren’t keeping our government accountable.

The Way Forward

Each of us must know and exercise our inherent Freedoms. We must rebuke government when it infringes upon these Freedoms. We cannot relent.

The federal government has grown too big. It has a voracious appetite and will not stop. Each advance of government negates our Freedom. Why do we/you capitulate? Which Freedom will come under assault next?

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I will work to answer the above questions YES, except # vi.  (no wars)

I will advocate and advance:

  1.   Individual Liberty at all times - "Always have a bias toward Freedom" - Judge Andrew Napolitano
  2.   Real Politics, conducted better than usual
  3.   A much smaller federal government
  4.   An Article I Section 8 Congress - a re-engergized Congress
  5.   Social and economic conflicts to be addressed by the Sovereign States
  6.   Diplomacy over aggression and war – I wll NOT fund wars, overseas contingencies, police actions, “peace keeping” forces, etc…


My positions are staunchly Libertarian. Our political philosophy advances:
  1.   Personal responsibility
  2.   Fiscal responsibility **
  3.   Smaller government, much smaller **
  4.   A return to constitutional government – keeping The Constitution of the United States front-and-center
  5.   Free-Market economy
  6.   A strong national defense - NO foreign wars or entanglements; they do NOT make us safer or more prosperous

Our national party platform advances individual Liberty. We do not dictate positions on social or economic issues. Each person must make choices on social issues. As long as you do NOT cause harm to fellow citizens, everything is encouraged. Compare our platform against the platforms of the two dominant parties; ours says more in 2,000 words than theirs; both D and R platforms exceed 20,000 words.

We trust Free individuals. We do NOT trust government.

I need your feedback,your ideas, and your support.

Dr. Einstein is right.
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them."

What do YOU want our federal gov’t to do?
Let's start a conversation... talkwithmike2014@yahoo.com.


Life, Liberty, Property!

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