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Our govít is badly broken.

We are close to losing the world's greatest expression of individual Liberty. Will our Republic survive?

Our govít is too big; it tries to do too much. What is does, it does poorly.


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As a United States Representative, I will work to have the federal gov't:

I."Always have a bias towards Liberty!" Gov't is established to zealously defend OUR Life, Liberty, and Property
II.Conduct Politics Better than Usual It is time to be a United States; it is time to cease the bickering
III.Pay the massive Federal Debt We are $19,500,000,000,000 in Debt. We cannot afford current spending/programs.
IV.Address the Issues Only address issues delegated to Congress via Article I Section 8


We The Peeps

WE hold the power. Govít is instituted to zealously defend OUR Life, Liberty, and Property. WE do NOT serve govít; govít serves us. This relationship has been turned upside-down. It is time to right this wrong.

The cornertone of The Constitution of the United States is Amendment IX. It reads:

ďThe enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.Ē

The govít is limited. The People are unlimited. Why are we captive to OUR govít today?

It is time to take our gov't back.

2016 Muck

What we saw in the 2016 presidential primaries and general election was NOT Real Politics. It was a lesser version, a bastardized version; it turned my stomach. It is time to conduct Real Politics instead of the disgusting circus we witnessed throughout 2016. We The Peeps deserve much better.


The Constitution

What about our Constitution? Does this instrument of Freedom (showcasing the Bill of Rights) matter today? Are any of our appointed representatives following it? Why arenít We The Peeps holding them accountable? WE have the power.

Please re-read the Constitution through Amendment X Ė only 5,624 words. There is no correlation between this document and todayís politics (that pretends to be governance). We are far, far off course! How the hell did this happen?

Federalist Papers #42 thru #47 describe the separation of power between the stronger Sovereign States and the weaker federal Union. We do NOT have this arrangement today. Local decisions ďsolveĒ issues. Distant, one-size-fits-all edicts from an ideological federal govít does NOT. It is okay for each Sovereign State to advance a different solution for an "issue".

Drain The Swamp?

Mr Trump's "plan" for his first 100 days does NOT align with advocates of limited gov't, nor lovers of Liberty. We are far apart on many topics. His Populist beliefs will only aggravate an already out-of-control federal gov't.


Are you disgusted? If not, why not?


Life, Liberty, Property!

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