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Because of Row v Wade the woman has a “choice”, her right to “privacy”. This SCOTUS decision is the law of the land. From this legal vantage, there is NO reason to continue the public debate.

Case closed?


As a former fetus, there is more to the story.

IMHO, Roe has two flaws:

  1.   Jurisdictional overreach - social matters belong to the sovereign states, NOT the federal gov’t
  2.   Consent was NOT central to Roe


Federal Overreach

Social issues belong to the sovereign states. This includes abortion.

If there are different laws or different provisions across the 50 states… it’s okay.

It’s All About Consent

The difference between sex and rape is consent. Sexual relations is a form of contract; mutual consent from those involved. Every man in the United States has been told that NO means NO... consent.

With consent, both parties are responsible for the act and the outcome. This requires a husband to partner with his wife through pregnancy and child rearing. Consensual sex outside of marriage does NOT alter this reality.

If birth control failed, abortion is NOT a secondary form of birth control.

Right, guys?



The rapist (the aggressor) is culpable for the outcome of sexual relations. This includes suggested reparations (listed below). The rape victim is, in a sense, NOT held to the contract. That is, a raped woman should be able to make the decision concerning her pregnancy.

The ethics of a female rape victim can carry a child to term or have a legally-acceptable abortion. This is her decision, and her decision alone. Nobody has standing to influence her decision.

A suggetion to each sovereign state - rape victims should be entitled to a full remedy for:

a. Costs of carrying a child to term    
b. The cost of an abortion
Cost of medical care for injury and
illness/disease communicated during the rape    



Life, Liberty, Property!

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