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Politics Better Than Usual

How do we move to Civility, away from Hostility?


Politics & Governance

Politics and Governance... the differences are yuge.

The electorate get involved/manipulated and emotional about politics. The details of governance are tedious and difficult… and rarely done well. At the national level there is too much Policrap (defined below) and too little governance. Too much backroom wheeling-and-dealing, too little work conducted for The People.

Consider a humorous description of our Policrap (NOT politics) by comedian Groucho Marx (right).

In reality, there is:

Politics - values and positions expressed by a candidate. These pronouncements should be consistent with the actions of the candidate. A candidate should “walk the walk” and be bound to their word. It must include good reputation.

Policrap - what currently happens during elections –attack adds, mudslinging, lies, and deception. Promise all things to all people to get elected… then renege on your “promises”. It okay to use emotions, fear, and intimidation to win. Advance yourself at the expense of The People.

Alinsky's Rules for Radicals details the assault - a truly evil book. Find a used book, don't enrich...

We certainly have to clean up our politics. And then move on to the bigger task of governing in the best interests of The People.

My promise to you; I will state my position and act accordingly. I will follow proper politics, NOT Policrap.

Derangement and “Control”

Are voters, at present, deranged? Do the elected intend to “control” those who elected them?

Why do WE let this happen?


FISA Shenanigans

Is gov’t by nature corrupt? Can those in power, use power to keep themselves in office? Is pay-to-play the norm or an aberration? Does anyone serve THE PEOPLE and the Constitution exclusively?

Was the intelligence apparatus of the federal gov’t shanghaied to spy on an opposition candidate? How deplorable is this policrap? If true, what is a just punishment?

[Feb 5, 2018] The details concerning illegal surveillance of Carter Page (and the Trump campaign) has introduced more questions than answers. Holders of unreleased details will stonewall under the pretext of national security. It is NOT possible to investigate wrongdoing of those that make the rules. How does this get “fixed” … eliminated?

Does this reduce your faith in the federal gov’t? Are you already disgusted?


“Grave threats to liberty often come in times of urgency, when constitutional rights seem to extravagant to endure.”
   – Thurgood Marshall, reflecting on Lincoln’s suspension of Habeas Corpus

Just Do Something?

NO! Hasty "action" can cause unintended problems.

Workable solutions require rational thinking.


Fake News

Foreign collusion/inference by Rs… or Ds?  Sex scandals?  Really? Are these are the “top” news stories?  Meanwhile the ole switcheroo is taking place. … ignore the man behind the curtain…

This salacious drivel distracts us from the details of governance. Stay focused fellow citizens. Do NOT get hooked on the gossip.
Do NOT feed on the emotion. Do NOT deride “them” (We The People must NOT be divided).

The issues of governance must be front-and-center. We must hold appointed representatives accountable.

The Issues

In terms of governance, my candidacy focuses on:
  1.   Always having a bias towards Liberty!
  2.   Conducting Politics Better than Usual
  3.   Returning to constitutional principles
  4.   Reducing the Size, Scope, and Reach of the Federal Gov't thru Spending Cuts
  5.   Making the federal gov't effective and efficient



"Explain" transparency? Really? Because the promise in 2008 never materialized...

It's that simple.

Purge Public Lies, Fraud, and Deception

Why are elected officials NOT held accountable?  Why can they lie, defraud, and deceive with full immunity?

It is time to end the practice of sovereign immunity. Citizens are liable for injuries and damages caused, as they should be. Likewise, elected officials MUST also be held resposible for the decisions they impose upon The People.

There must be zero tolerance for political lies, fraud, and deception. Currently elected officials should be put on notice - bad behavior is no longer acceptable. Elected officials that have lied, defrauded, or deceived...will be prosecuted.

If the Senate and the House of Representatives cannot police themselves, We The People will hold them accountable.


Remove BIG Money!

Politics (definition above) is about values and ideas. It should function to serve The People. It should protect and advance individual rights.

Sadly, many public offices are filled because of larger political contributions. Established interests and old ways continue. New ideas and new approaches are squelched. Has the $ 5,000,000,000 spent on federal Policrap in 2016 placed the BEST candidates in office to do the work of The People? I'm very skeptical.

Is pay to play the norm or an aberration?

In part, due to BIG money, the ideas of the Libertarian Party are still absent from debate and the federal gov't. Other third party voices are also silenced.



Life, Liberty, Property!

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