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Politics Better Than Usual

How do we move from Hostility to Civility?


Politics & Governance

Politics and Governance... the differences are yuge.

The phenomenon of fake news (below) must be eliminated.

The electorate get involved/manipulated and emotional about politics. The details of governance are tedious and difficult… and rarely done well. At the national level there is too much Policrap (defined below) and too little governance. Too much backroom wheeling-and-dealing, too little work conducted for The People.

Consider a humorous description of our Policrap (NOT politics) by comedian Groucho Marx (right).

In reality, there is:

Politics - values and positions expressed by a candidate. These pronouncements should be consistent with the actions of the candidate. A candidate should “walk the walk” and be bound to their word (reputation).

Policrap - what currently happens during elections –attack adds, mudslinging, lies, and deception. Promise all things to all people to get elected… then renege on your “promises”. It okay to use emotions, fear, and intimidation to win. Advance yourself at the expense of The People. To understand this thinking consider reading Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky - a truly evil book.

We certainly have to clean up our politics. And then move on to the bigger task of governing in the best interests of The People.

My promise to you; I will state my position and act accordingly. I will follow proper politics, NOT Policrap.


Fake News

The most recent Policrap strategy is to distract via Fake News. Both Ds and Rs are practiced and proficient. When a “big story” plays out… look for what is happening in the background. Don’t let them distract you.

Trump Jr.

This is NO story. There was no contract, no collusion, and no (nefarious) action occurred. Time to move on.

Ms Clinton’s Emails?

On the surface, there was no breach of national security; we were NOT attacked, nor outmaneuvered. However, the great effort to prevent an investigation… maybe there is something to the accusations. Because of defensive, partisan Policrap we will never know.

Shouldn’t We The People know the truth?

The Issues

In terms of governance, my candidacy focuses on:
  1.   Always having a bias towards Liberty!
  2.   Conducting Politics Better than Usual
  3.   Reducing the Size, Scope, and Reach of the Federal Gov't thru Spending Cuts
  4.   Returning to constitutional principles


"Explain" transparency? Really? Because the promise in 2008 never materialized...

It's that simple.


Remove BIG Money

Politics (definition above) is about values and ideas. It should function to serve The People. It should protect and advance individual rights.

Sadly, many public offices are filled because of larger political contributions. Established interests and old ways continue. New ideas and new approaches are squelched. Has the $ 5,000,000,000 spent on federal Policrap in 2016 placed the BEST candidates in office to do the work of The People? I'm very skeptical.

Is pay to play the norm or an aberration?

In part, due to BIG money, the ideas of the Libertarian Party are still absent from debate and the federal gov't. Other third party voices are also silenced.



Life, Liberty, Property!