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Differences with The Incumbent

”Government is not the solution to our problem;
government is the problem.”

Ronald Reagan, first inaugural address


From Clients to Crooks

A recent book [Aug 2017] does NOT speak favorably about Mr Marchant.

Dallas Morning News

Sunday May 7, 2017 - the Dallas Morning News described Congressman Marchant as disappearing... Is he afraid of us, his constituents?

I will meet with any group; dialog is ALWAYS good.


Mr Marchant's Priorities

Following the 2016 elections, the Incumbent GOP Representative (IGR) listed his priorities for the 115th Congress.


Our Differences



All gov’t, local, state, and federal, is established to zealously defend individual rights – Life, Liberty, Property. If gov’t does NOT actively safeguard these Natural Rights, it should be abolished.

The gov’t works for us – NOT the other way around. NSA surveillance is an affront to Amendment IV; discontinue this surveillance immediately.

IGR: (Incumbent GOP Rep)

I’ve NOT heard him comment on Liberty. He does favor continuance of NSA surveillance of US citizens.

Better Politics


Our civic discourse is divisive and corrosive; it is disgusting. There must be honest and open debate on the real issues facing the United States. New ideas are needed; the old ideas are NOT working.


In a previous election cycle, I approached his campaign office to have a debate on the issues. There was no response and ... no debate.
My repeated contacts were NOT answered.

Federal Debt


We can end deficit spending in 7 years and fully-pay the $ 21,000,000,000,000 federal debt is approx. 40 years. This can be accomplished by annual spending cuts of 4%.


I have not seen his ideas to pay the debt. In fact, his previous comments at town hall meetings focus on why we cannot cut spending.



Our national scandal is out-of-control spending, NOT current taxes. First, we have to reduce spending and create a plan to pay the massive federal debt. Tinkering with the Tax Code is a waste of time, especially if the effect is revenue neutral. As always, raising taxes is unacceptable.


He advocates "simplifying" the Tax Code. He has no plan/desire to address deficit spending and the ever bloating federal debt.



Jobs are a feature of the Free Market, NOT an activity of gov’t. There is no possible way to “control” $20,000,000,000,000 of economic activity, innovation, and effort (US GDP). Gov't control of the economy is a farce. If we repeal onerous legislation and regulations, businesses will be able to hire more workers.

Govt's “job” is to get out of the way and let the Free Market work.


He wants “policies to grow jobs”. I have not seen details to further explain this comment. But, I suspect that it is gov’t oversight and/or programs… more costly bureaucraZy - BIG gov't.

”Affordable” Care Act


Repeal and do NOT replace ACA.


He favors a GOP replacement program… more federal gov’t and its costly bureaucraZy - BIG gov't.



Open borders, let more people live the US Dream, but NO federal assistance (welfare, handout, etc…) to non-citizens.


He favors building a wall at our $outhern border and additional funding to enforce failed immigration laws. Again, more expen$ive and ineffective BIG gov’t.


We are far apart on the issues.



Life, Liberty, Property!

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