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Restore The Original Electoral College


The original Electoral College of 1789 was brilliant. It:
  •   Asked The People, via Electors, to nominate Presidential candidates
  •   Included input from ALL of the Sovereign States
  •   Ensured Congress could work with the new Chief Executive
  •   Explained/defended by Federalist #68 - below
Today’s corrupted "Electoral College":
  •   Advances the two dominant political parties, NOT We The People
  •   Focuses campaign efforts on strategic “swing” states
  •   Does NOT consider Congress’ input
  •   Emerged because of Amendment XII (1804) and other erosions

Please review Article II of the Constitution of the United States with [original wording within brackets].


2016 Foment

In the 2016 Presidential election the Electoral vote was different from the popular vote. This mismatch has previously occurred – 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000. The Electoral vote and popular vote have "agreed" 91.2% of the time.

There was no controversy in the 19th century. We followed the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.

Statistics from the 2016 Presidential election are interesting: (please scan past the inflammatory headline)

  •   Number of counties won be each candidate nationally… and the respective square-miles
  •   Number of counties won in New York state by each candidate
  •   The possibility of four states continually picking the President – without consideration from the other 46 states

Popular Vote?

Since 1932, voter turnout to Presidential elections has been a disappointing 54.8%. How pathetic!

In my lifetime, the "best" turnout was 1964 at 61.4%. The worst, 1996 at 49.0%.

If half of voters do NOT vote... we should give more weight (amidst this apathy) to a popular vote? This does NOT make sense to me.

AND consider the cost to taxpayers to

  1.   Conduct a nation-wide election - 250,000,000 eligible voters - a popular vote
  2.   Trust 538 Electors and 435 Congressmen - 973 people - the Original Electoral College

Federalist #68

Per the Constitution of 1789 and Federalist 68, the President is appointed by:
  1.   Each state legislature selects Electors equal to the number of US House of Representatives and US Senators - 38 for Texas
  2.   Each Elector chooses two candidates for President - only one may be a resident of the Elector's state
  3.   Each state legislature counts the Electors' votes and sends the total count to the President of the Senate
  4.   The votes are counted in the House of Representatives chamber
  5.   If a candidate has half of all the Electors' votes, and there is not a tie, a President is appointed (by the state legislatures and Electors)
    •   In the event of a tie, the House of Representatives casts 435 ballots for the two tied candidates
    •   The candidate receiving the most votes is appointed President
  6.   If there are more than five candidates receiving Elector votes, the top five nominees are selected
    •   The House of Representatives casts 50 ballots, one vote per state, until a President is appointed
  7.   When a President has been selected, The candidate finishing second is appointed Vice President
    •   If there a tie for Vice President, then the Senate casts 50 ballots, one vote per state, until a Vice President is appointed


The benefits of reclaiming this brilliant system are:



Life, Liberty, Property!

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