Mike Kolls (L) for Congress

United States House of Representatives
Texas District #24 - map

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Current Events


6/11 thru 6/17 – H24

Sanctions - NO
Economic war is always a stupid move.
I stand with Senators Paul and Sanders.

What offenses have Russia and Iran have given? Interfering in our election? No proof… Advancing ballistic missiles? Every nation should make decisions to advance their own best interests – good or bad decisions.

The oligarchy (US “leaders”) wants to control the globe. I say, let Russia and Iran exert influence in their region. Then… become trading partners with them.

The costs of empires are great. Partnership, not coercion.


Federal Debt - is anybody working on a balanced budget?

6/4 thru 6/10 – H23

WE THE PEOPLE do NOT know what the FBI does. As the final authority, we should know.

2nd, this executive agency performs judicial duties - a clear violation of Separation of Power.
And, most other executive (federal) agencies also unconstitutionally interpret statutes, rules, and regulations.

I propose, fully repeal The Reorganization Act of 1939 and all related-subsequent statutes.

Can a President fire any executive branch employee? Can he fire without a reason?
The answer is YES.

5/28 thru 6/3 – H22

County of Los Angeles v Mendez - "open" warrants?  NO, a violation of Amendment IV protection.

Community police enforcing the law MUST abide by constitutional provisions/protections. Period.
This SCOTUS decision is wrong.


Paris Climate Accord – withdraw? Yes!  Renegotiate? NO, just exit.

This is foremost a matter of National Sovereignty; we cannot submit to supra-national organizations that are hostile to the United States.
As to global warming climate change, the science is NOT settledNASA’s input.



Life, Liberty, Property!