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New Federalism

Where does the true authority for gov't rest?


The election of Donald Trump may have interrupted the march of BIG gov't Progressivism. His small, but symbolic attempts to reign-in out-of-control spending have ruffled the feathers of Democrats and a few Republicans.

Are bureaucratic, Socialistic programs at risk? Will Progressive dictates be dismantled or turned back? I hope so.

States’ Rights?

When federal “action” stalls, can BIG gov’t be perpetuated by the states? Is this the new strategy during Mr Trump’s term as Chief Executive? Is it okay to have Progressive “gains” federally during Mr Obama’s terms? And then have “gains” state-by-state during Mr Trump’s term? As long as the Progressive agenda advances… whatever it takes?

Are Ds advocating a New Federalism?

Do citizens of the sovereign states really want:

  •   Paris Climate Agreement enforcement in California?
  •   Regulations to reduced carbon emissions in Oregon?
  •   Compulsory healthcare in Washington (state)?
  •   Mandatory minimum wages?
  •   Other social programs?

Kings/tyrants/"elites" or We The People?

I Still Prefer

I prefer States' Rights to federal edicts. Furhtermore, I much prefer individual rights over States' Rights.


A Time for Principles

You can’t have it both ways! Without an institutionalized method of governance, there will be instability and frustration… today's quagmire.

Is the correct strategy strong Sovereign States or federal coercion? Mr Trump may have forced this issue. My campaign strongly favors the former.

The Foundation

Our abused/ignored Constitution must be the primary source, specifically Amendments IX and X. Political whims (nor emotion) cannot drive national policies.

Amendment IX. The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The full and final authority rests with WE THE PEOPLE. We are at the center of governance and gov’t. The power/reason flows out from us.

With Strong Sovereign States

It is evident that Texas and California see things differently. One federal edict will NOT be an optimal solution for both. Forcing a bad "solution" on one is unjust. Forcing a bad solution on both is irresponsible.

Better Yet, Local Decisions

All social and economic decisions should be made locally. A distant, monolithic federal gov't cannot restore Houston, nor South Florida [Aug 2017]. The People, companies, and communities can respond in a timely manner and provide what is needed. Proximity and familiarity optimize the remedy.

Per Amendment IX, decisions should be made as locally as possible.


People, Pebble, Power

The proper relationship of The People and gov't is like a pebble and a pond. Until the pebble enters the pond... the pond is quiet.

We The People are the pebble. Until we act (to make waves) gov't is still. The gov't is a servant to The People. It is NOT the other way around.

If neighbors can work together to resolve a situation... an optimal solution has been found. If members of an HOA can find a solution... goodness. If a community/city can reach an acceptable solution, tranquility continues. NOT every situation is a federal case; most situations should NOT be...

Gov't is a servant that acts when it is approached by its citizens. The pond is placid until the pebble breaks the surface. The local wave of gov't is approached first. Larger gov't is only approached if a solution is elusive... or hardly ever!.


Life, Liberty, Property!