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Healthcare is a Commodity

Fully Repeal ACA!   Do NOT Replace.


Healthcare is roughly one-sixth of the US economy. This must NOT become a function of gov’t.

Basic Principles

The evaluation of a complex question is usually completed based on basic principles.

I advocate applying the following:


Gov’t Intervention has Failed

A stated objective of the “Affordable” Care Act (ACA) and prior gov’t interventions were to reduce the cost of healthcare services.

How has gov’t interference into the healthcare industry made things worse?

TopicMy AssessmentSupporting Article
Subsidies are Costs   Including subsidies, ACA has increased overall healthcare costs. Not affordable
2017 Death SpiralACA is counter to actuarial science; it is NOT real insurance. Ill-conceived
Veterans' AffairsThe largest federal health program is NOT a success. Veterans died waiting for care   
Cost “Controls”Basic Econ... cost "controls" never work. "Intent" ≠ Result
Medicare's ExampleCostly, BIG bureaucraZy never works. Unsustainable
Escalating CostsEach new person/entity included adds complexity and costs. Costs up greatly since WWII
Cost of ReportingReporting requirements reduce time with patients and increase costs.    Cost of Compliance


Hippocratic Oath

Health providers voluntarily take the Hippocratic Oath. They should be held accountable ... even when patients lack health insurance. Each gov't healthcare program burdens taxpayers; this is a de facto subsidy of the healthcare industry. It is time for providers, who profit, to step up.

Separate Healthcare from Employment

During WWII the War Labor Board declared fringe benefits (including health insurance) as NOT taxable. This rash edict from the executive branch tied health insurance to employment - a large factor in our national healthcare crisis. It was hurriedly caused by gov't 70 years ago. The War Labor Board does NOT exist, but we operate using is flawed dictate. It is time to right this wrong.

Re-instituting an income tax on fringe benefits might be a start to address our national healthcare crisis. This is a rare instance where I advocate reintroducing a tax... that is effectively mitigated away.

For example, an annual salary of $60,000 and fringe benefits of $12,000.

Reducing the tax rate by approx. 20% would “negate” the taxes on fringe benefits.
People NOT receiving fringe benefits would get a small “bump” – a lower tax bill due to a lower tax rate.


Intent ≠ Results

Political fantasy flies in the face of obvious reality. Govt’s attempt to “control” (including ACA) fall into this category.

TopicMy AssessmentSupporting Article
Fatal FlawThe basic premise/goal is NOT achievable. Pre-existing conditions
Complexity Healthcare is a series of personal choices. GOP "reform" also failed   
Administration CostsAdministration costs are rising faster than cost of care. Excessive admin costs
Legal Challenges ACA is pure gov’t overreach. We are forced to buy insurance - there is NO CHOICE.    Uunconsitutional?
Congress Exempt Our “leaders” do NOT want ACA. I don't either. A clearly bad deal
Does NOT Consider Providers   To stay in business healthcare providers need a profit. ACA is NOT profitable



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