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Through June 2018

Amidst the immigration hullabaloo [June 2018]
I have evolved my position on immigration.

My revised position is more liberal - deletions are striked-out


IMHO, there is a simple way to address our current immigration issues:
  1.   Remove all federal benefits (assistance, handouts, etc.…) to non-citizens
  2.   Require sovereign states to be the gatekeepers
  3.   “C3” Sponsorship - US Citizen, US Corporation, or US Charity organization


Each immigrant makes a willful decision and then willfully acts to immigrate to the United States. It is a convicted, personal choice. Each immigrant chooses to be where we are.

I'm guessing, immigrants want to experience the US Dream, a.k.a. the American Dream. Our nation offers both personal Freedom and unbridled opportunity. Or immigrants may simply want to be with family already in the United States. Whatever the reason... "it" is here. Right, Mr Putin? (right)

I am grateful that my ancestors gambled on the United States. My father is the first generation born on US soil. My mother is a second generation US citizen. Both families took a great risk and assimilated into US culture. Today, I am reaping the benefits.


Immigration Compromise Jan 30, 2018

If gov’t is the art of compromise, Mr Trump’s proposal is good. However, with a casual review, pillars conflict and counteract each other. Does compromise trump effectiveness? … it shouldn’t.

Report Card:

I – Amnesty for 1.8 million Dreamers Open Borders is the right strategy… but with provisos (please see my plan below). DACA
Dreamers do NOT have a citizen sponsor. DACA is NOT current law - just an Executive Order.
B minus
II – Southern Border Wall A horrible idea - expensive and ineffective F
III – End the Visa Lottery Citizens and immigrants MUST be treated equally under The Law. Neither favoritism, nor chance
can thwart what should be a prescriptive process.
IV – End Chained Migration When citizens sponsor immigrants there is a soft vetting of character and a vetting of allegiance
to the United States. This pillar directly opposes “C3” Sponsorship (detailed below).
C minus
Final Grade Compromise - dead centerC

Do I vote to accept Mr Trump's compromise?


My Suggestion / Plan

To have true immigration reform we need to make some fundamental changes. The same-old ways are simply NOT working.

"We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

Step 1 – Remove Incentives

The People of the US are generous… to a fault. There are cases where immigrants are treated better than our own citizens. Texas provides healthcare and schools to immigrants. Newcomers have NOT sweated amongst us, nor paid taxes. IMO, they should NOT receive from the community immediately. Do NOT deny them access, but do NOT shower them with a better life before they contribute.

Generous benefits (assistance, handouts, etc...) are a magnet for people living outside the United States. My plea is to end ALL federal assistance. The sovereign state should be able to create policy/statutes in the best interests of its citizens.

If I was struggling or destitute, I’d risk arrest and deportation (and other indignities) for an instant, upgraded standard of living. Wouldn’t you?

Step 2 – Empower Communities and Sovereign States

Immigrants reside in a community (NOT in federal territory) - local. Each community is financially accountable to its residents; for taxes demanded. Costs to include new residents fall on the community involved, NOT a distant federal gov't.

Similarly, each state feels economic and social pressures. Texas welcomes new residents; it provides healthcare and schools. Arizona has resisted new residents. Each state must be free to act in the best interests of its citizens. Each state is free/sovereign to create a process for immigrants to become state citizens. Next, state citizens may apply for US citizenship (step 3).

Texas should NOT dictate terms of immigration (or anything else) upon California, nor visa-versa. Why should a distant federal gov’t dictate terms upon both?

A side note: If each town "registers" its residents, the decennial census can be done quickly without costly federal efforts. When a census is declared, communities report their registered residents to their state legislature. State totals are then forwarded to the federal gov't. This simple change could eliminate a costly, drawn-out, and intrusive federal program...

Step 3 - C3 Sponsorship

Citizens, in general, will defend and protect our republic; WE are the republic. US citizens can better safeguard our nation than impersonal forms and mechanical bureaucraZy.

New state citizens (former immigrants) then find a "C3" sponsor to pursue US citizenship - a US Citizen, US Corporation, or US Charity organization. These citizen-sponsors, who have previously pledged loyalty, are a soft guarantee of character for new applicants.

Advocates of ending illegal immigration lament, “We don’t know who is coming here”. This is NOT a strong argument, but a point addressed by C3 sponsorship.


Is the United States like Europe?

Is there (or will there be) cultural unrest in the United States like there is in Europe?  IMHO, no.

In Europe, there is separation, mistrust... and violence. Ethnic immigrants are NOT enfolded with natives.

In the United States, there is more integration. Immigrants live amongst citizens. There is also greater interaction. I do NOT see the same convulsions here that are all too common in Europe.



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