Mike Kolls (L) for Congress

United States House of Representatives
Texas District #24 - map

email - Rep@tx24.us


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Know your Liberty! History

Charter of Liberties (1100 AD)
Magna Carta (1215)
Petition of Rights (1628)
Habeas Corpus Act (1679)
English Bill of Rights (1689)

Federal Debt

Non-essential federal employees [2013]

CBO Assessment

"Stimulus" has failed


Economics 101 - free online course

Gov't monopoly - Patent # 6,630,507

Minimum Wage, a "solution" looking for a problem

Baltimore says NO
MO to lower minimum wage

The Federal Gov't

Know The Constitution of the United States

Know The Federalist Papers

Executive excesses - Sen Ben Sasse

Taxation is Theft! - Dallas Morning News

Repeal Amendment XVII

Security / Diplomacy

Re-establish minutemen citizens, per

Interpol and
county sheriffs nationwide

Do we need 800 military bases in 70 nations?

Time to end foreign aid / bribes

The "Affordable" Care Act (ACA)

The deadly flaw - pre-existing conditions

Cannot contain costs with gov't meddling

Cost controls? out-of-control

Rapidly escalating cost? Blame gov't

Is it constitutional? Zubik v Burwell... NO

Congressional exemptions

GOP "plan", more of the same

2017 - 38% less health insurers

Social Security (SS)

The SS Administration - unsustainable

CBO [Jan 2016] - bankruptcy

The SS Trust Fund - insolvency

Shortfall - $ 32,000,0000,000,000

Low/meager return on TAXES paid

Economists at The Fed agree

SS relies on general tax receipts

80 years of legislative tweaks

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Life, Liberty, Property!