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The Free Market



The Free Market has NOT failed.

Producers and service providers are The Free Market. These entrepreneurs conduct voluntary exchanges that enrich each party – open and fair contracts.

The polar-opposite of The Free Market is Socialism.

Socialism? NO

In contrast, gov’t extorts taxes from these wealth creators… a parasite eating at the expense of its host. Shortsighted social engineering is attempted via legislation. Once opened, the theft continues – continual legislative tweaks and tax increases. Each ill-fated “law” calls for more BIG gov’t. Centrally-planned society, via gov’t … is Socialism.

The United States is a mixed economy – part Free Market and part gov’t-created Socialism.

I advocate a purposeful move towards free markets and an abandonment of Socialism.

At the most basic level, personal choice is maximized by the Free Market. Socialism takes away personal decisions and choice.

My 2¢

Gov’t, leave the economy alone!

“Let” the Free Market work. It is the most effective and efficient method to distribute goods and services within a society.


Gov't Nudges?

Gun "Control"?


Trust the free market to see if bump stocks, rifles (to 18 to 20 year olds), and AR 15s should be "controlled".

How does that work? Sellers and traders can decide if:

  •   Bump stocks are available for sale or trade
  •   Sales of rifles will be made to 18 to 20 year olds
  •   AR 15s will be avaialble for sale

Also, "let" or encourage gun control advocates to make public appeals and/or picket sellers and traders. This, as our laws stipulate, must be peaceful exchanges of ideas - Free Speech working in tandem with the Free Market.

My prediction: sellers and traders will NOT restrict the products they exchange. There will be pickets. However, in time, there will be less pickets because they will NOT change anybody's mind. There will be a few minor scuffles - both sides moderately losing their cool.

Whoever escalates (breaks the peace) loses the public debate.


Gov't - ineffective and woefully inefficient

The "Affordable" Care Act (ACA)

ACA is a huge gov't intrusion/usurpation of the economy. It will fail because of several factors, chiefly pre-existing conditions.

ACA should be repealed and NOT replaced. It is an incremental move towards Socialism - central, gov't control.



Ill-conceived gov’t interventions create devastating, unintended consequences. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff (1929) preceded the Great Depression. Many economists insist that this tariff was a direct cause of that massive financial collapse.

Tariffs (6th item) on steel and aluminum [March 2018] will have large-scale unintended consequences. First, they will limit the amount of steel/aluminum available – lower supply = higher prices. There will be inflation, even with domestic manufactures rejoining the market; they are higher-cost producers with start-up costs. Second, every product that uses steel (and aluminum) will have increased costs of manufacturing… customers will pay more for these products.

There are too few “winners” with tariffs. Most lose.

Earlier ideas about tariffs “on Mexico” and “on China”? Again, the importers will increase prices to offset the ill-advised and ineffective tariff. This additional cost will be passed on to US consumers. Neither Mexico, nor China pay for these tariffs … or the wall… With tariffs we will pay for the wall via higher prices.


2009 Housing Crash / Depression

This depression was caused by political desire to provide affordable housing to those who could NOT previously afford it – a Socialist desire in direct confrontation with economic reality.

Any disciplined economist would predict that easy credit, in mass volume, would come home to roost. This naïve, shortsighted engineering was doomed to fail (and fail impressively). Could magnanimousness BIG gov’t simply will that some could afford housing? The answer was a resounding NO. And, continued gov’t interference has caused the recovery to take almost a decade.

Gov’t “action” is much like a Rube Goldberg machine (above left). It is ineffective and woefully inefficient. Each addition/complexity is a new point of failure.

Economic forces are far stronger and deeper-rooted than political expediency.



Life, Liberty, Property!