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The Free Market



The Free Market has NOT failed.

BIG gov't (a.k.a. Socialism) is a parasite, living off the efforts of producers and service providers (the Free Market). Gov't steals wealth via taxes. Political lackeys then shake us down by using our tax dollars against us. When transient, political re-engineering fails, more short-sighted legislation is passed. Each added statute increases complexity and takes choices away from We The People - an accelerating, downward spiral.

The mixed economy is continually subjected to additional legislation; each time the parasite consumes more resources. Each legislative attempt to sidestep economic-law creates unintended consequences and steals from already-burdened taxpayers/producers.


Smoot-Hawley Tariff (1929)... Govít intervention routinely creates unintended consequences, sometimes massive disruptions.

Tariffs are a tax... passed along and paid by the end consumer. Tariffs "on Mexico" and "on China" (against their exported products) will simply increase prices for US consumers.


Socialism is the antithesis of the Free Market Ė polar opposites.

BIG-Govít Socialists want to control every aspect of life in the United States - cradle to grave. Central planners feel they can nudge/control $ 18,000,000,000,000 of activity and innovation. Their "thinking and action" take away individual choices.

They are wrong!  Individuals that voluntarily exchange goods and services (The Market) are more effective and more efficient than large govít bureaucraZy. Each tax dollar extorted by BIG bureaucraZy takes away from real commerce and individual wealth.

Local action is prevented or delayed because local funding is not available - the tax dollars instead sent to Washington, DC. Then all the baby birds chirp for a federal feeding/handout - gov't created dependency.


2009 Housing Crash

Remember the Depression of 2009? It followed political desires to provide affordable housing to those who could NOT previously afford it. How is this a good idea?

Easy credit, in mass volume, came home to roost. With a tad of hindsight, this was doomed to fail (and fail impressively). How could some, all of a sudden, magically afford housing? Was it possible by the sheer will and magnanimousness of BIG, Socialist govít?

Does gov't, a Rube Goldberg machine (right), work efficiently?  Never.

Economic forces are stronger and deeper-rooted than political expediency.

My 2¢

Govít, leave the economy alone. Let the Free Market work. It is the most effective and efficient method to distribute goods and services within a society.
Gov't: overly complex and woefully inefficient



Life, Liberty, Property!