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Mike Kolls


Truth Seeker

There is a correct and elegant solution for everything. Do you want to spend enough time to find THE solution?

I do.

THE solution is found with reason and bound by principle. I may change my conclusion with new, supported details.


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Political Background

  •   2018 - Candidate for US House, Texas 24
  •   2016 - Candidate for US House, Texas 24
  •   2014 - Candidate for US House, Texas 24
  •   2013 - Smaller Govít Conservative as defined by Barry Goldwater, but without military adventurism
  •   2013-ish - Most federal legislation is Legal Plunder
    •   Insight from The Law (1850) by Frederic Bastiat (book review)
  •   2012 - Discovered the Libertarian Party
    •   Non-Aggression principle... Gov't is aggression/force
    •   Individual Choice - socially liberal
    •   Financially Conservative
    •   The Fallacy of Keynesian Economics - gov't spending is NOT good
  •   2009 - Energized by the TEA Party movement
    •   Smaller, limited gov't
    •   Fiscal responsibility
    •   Personal responsibility
  •   1984 - 2008 - Frustrated, often yelling at the national news. Against mandates and edicts from gov't.
  •   1984 - First national election - "Gov't is NOT the solution to our problem. Gov't is the problem." - Ronald Reagan

Candidate Mike Kolls

Project Management Professional (PMP)

I have been an IT Project Manager since 1999. This work allows me to pursue correct and elegant outcomes. I get paid to solve puzzles/problems.

The techniques and tools of Project Management can/should be applied to the challenges of governance.
There are difficult issues that require:


I believe, you can get 80% of the results with 20% of the effort. Most situations in life follow this formula.

Attempts at Zero-Probability apply to research-science and close relationships... but, NOT to governance. Life cannot be sanitized by gov't program.

Gov't has a massive investment in nudging you to conform with their "ideals". An example is the "Affordable" Care Act (ACA). Consider the reams detailing its structure (the actual statute). And then the massive rules and regulations to "implement" and enforce it. The level of detail and cost of enforcement make ACA bad legislation.

Congressional discussion to suggest/encourage state action would have been a better outcome. Each state should only do what benefits its citizens.


An introvert seeking public office?  Yes, I am open to new ideas. But, this new thinking must be logical and structured/grounded.

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The United States is extra-ordinary in defending religious expression. We have a great Freedom! - including the freedom to NOT practice faith.

My Christian faith informs my actions and decisions.
It encourages me to:

Faith should embolden a person. Fearful people have NOT found faith.

I am a polite evangelical. I want to share my faith journey, but will NOT force this good news upon you. If you ask, I will share. When you say "enough", the conversation ends.



Life, Liberty, Property!

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