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Partner or Target?

Using enhanced diplomacy, Russia is a future trading partner. She is NOT a faceless military target.

Russia is a regional hegemon. She has influence in Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. A partnership could open diplomatic channels and commercial outlets. This would be a yuge win for both Russia and the United States.

Russian Collusion?

Do the convictions of Paul Montfort and confession by Michael Cohen… prove Russian collusion?  Nope. There is no correlation to these verdicts and international “collusion”.

How long will this waste of taxpayer dollars continue?  Is there an update on Uranium One?

Besides, there will NOT be any charges pressed before Election Day 2018. Both sides can posture for political points. Meanwhile, we the taxpayers continue to be swindled and lead around.


Voting, a State Process

If (a yuge if) the veracity of our voting process is at stake, each sovereign state must harden its voting system(s). This is NOT a federal responsibility.



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