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Derangement Syndrome & "Control"


Since 2000 there has been a series of political sicknesses. First, there was Bush Derangement Syndrome. Then, there was Obama Derangement Syndrome. Today, there is Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Many citizens do NOT have a healthy view of the federal gov’t.

There is intense political polarization. Gov’t continues to intrude into our daily lives - there is a direct correlation. If The People would advance, as gov’t retreats, would the level of derangement subside?  I wager a confident YES!

Political Pendulum

Does it bother you that the party in “control” swings the pendulum its way? With a “D” it swings to the left… an “R” to the right. Back and forth across the decades. Gains made by one party are negated by the other. There are NO real advances for The People.

The most striking example is the ill-conceived “Affordable” Care Act (ACA) – 2009 a far left swing. Starting 2019 the pendulum will swing thru the middle. Without the coercive Individual Mandate health care insurance becomes a decision for citizens and residents. This is as it should be, the pre-ACA environment.

Human Nature?

Is it our nature to whine when things do NOT go our way? Is the US now a collection of whiney snowflakes?

Sadly, IMHO, there has always been a compulsion to control other people, especially by elected officials. The thinking is “for me (or my agenda) to succeed, I need someone else (their agenda) to stumble or falter”.

They operate in the false duality of a zero-sum construct.

In reality, Win-Win situations are possible via the Free Market. Each voluntary contract enriches both parties.

Revisiting ACA... individual choices on healthcare where corrupted to mandated purchase of health insurance.

The truth is, health insurance ≠ health care - the truth about the “Affordable” Care Act.


The Bedrock Reality

Gov’t tries to do too much. What it does, it does poorly.

My candidacy is primarily about returning decisions to citizens and residents; to wrestle “action” away from a power-hungry gov’t. To reinvent Liberty!

Less gov’t = More Liberty!



Life, Liberty, Property!

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