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Texas Sovereignty Act – HB tbd


  • The United States was established for We The People
    •   To zealously protect Life, Liberty, and Property
  • Amendment IX clearly identifies The People as the full and final authority
  • Amendment X leaves authority with the sovereign states, yet still subject to The People
    •   Duties given to the federal union are numbered and limited
    •   A confederation of sovereign states created the federal Union
  • Amendment XIV limits federal courts. They can NOT dampen the authority of the Sovereign States
  • Federalist Papers #42 thru #47 clearly limit federal action


We Declare:

Texas is sovereign and has a voluntary association with the republic of The United States of America.

We Propose:

All federal statutes, rules, regulations, executive orders, and anything that has the effect of a federal law are subject to “adoption” by the Texas Legislature. Adoption is either rejecting the federal law OR converting the federal law into a Texas statute. There is NO compliance to federal stature(s), nor yielding to federal authority.


1. All programs established by the State of Texas are still under the authority of The People.
2. All social programs adopted by the State of Texas MUST be an available option for citizens and residents of Texas. Each program MUST require an annual OPT-IN; inclusion cannot be assumed, nor required. Citizens and residents will also have an option to opt-out at any time. An opt-out forfeits accrued benefits.
3. State of Texas programs MUST actively serve Texas citizens and residents. Programs with less than one-half participation of all eligible citizens and residents should be terminated. The order for closure to be issued by the Governor; no legislative action is required. Efforts to reinstitute a terminated program will require new Texas legislation.
4. Each Texas statute MUST have a defined end date (a.k.a. a sunset) NOT to exceed 8 years. Impositions forced upon our citizens and residents MUST be debated regularly and openly.
5. Federal laws will be reviewed on a last-passed-first-reviewed (LIFO) method. All federal law older than 8 years will be vacated, no longer in force. Texas review will be for federal laws passed in the last 8 years.
6. The prior provisions, especially 4 and 5, require a Texas Legislature decision on the following programs:
  1.   Compelled forfeiture of federal income taxes
  2.   Compelled forfeiture of federal payroll deductions
    1.   Compelled retirement savings, a.k.a. Social Security
    2.   Compelled financing of healthcare for the elderly, a.k.a. Medicare
    3.   Compelled financing of healthcare for the indigent, a.k.a. Medicaid
  3.   Compelled purchase of healthcare insurance, per the “Affordable” Care Act


Life, Liberty, Property!

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