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Mr Trump’s Agenda


My general complaint is Mr Trump is more of the same – an advocate of BIG gov’t. He has NO compunction using the
power/coercion of gov’t to advance his “agenda”. He (at times) says smaller gov’t things, but also desires expanded
gov’t. His proposed FY18 budget is over $4 TRILLION. This is more than Mr Obama’s (a committed Progressive) budget

My positions on the issues below are mostly expressed elsewhere on this website. I will briefly state my agreement
or departure. Links are provided to topics.

The “agenda” [late Aug 2017]… as best as I can glean from television media reports, includes:


1.  Bolster the US Economy?

This is NOT a “federal issue”; it belongs to THE PEOPLE. Our economy is Free individuals voluntarily exchanging goods and services in The Free Market.

The federal gov’t can assist by canceling rules, regulations, and other restrictions on business. Basically, gov’t needs to get out of the way.

2.   Repeal and Replace The “Affordable” Care Act (ACA)

This is atrocity was forced upon US citizens; there was NO consent given. Since Congress created this albatross, it should REPEAL it. And then NO “replace” attempted. “Let” citizens purchase healthcare services voluntarily in the Free Market. This (yuge) gov’t super-program will fail because of its flaws... .

3.  Spending Cuts

Modest efforts to eliminate federal programs has been window-dressing. Mr Trump, more spending cuts are needed. A serious focus on spending reductions is the only way to correct our debt-ladened, federal, financial position.

4.   War? - The Islamic State, Afghanistan...

NO more foreign wars. Our meddling since WWII has NOT produced peace, nor stability.

Isn’t insanity doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

5.   Tax “Reform”

Real tax reform can be tried when our massive federal debt is reduced to less than $ 10,000,000,000,000.

Changes that add to the annual deficit are yugely irresponsible.

6.   Sanctions?

No, sanctions are a declaration of economic war. They strain relationships between nations; we do NOT need additional international tension.

Closer to home, sanctions adversely affect US exporters (about 10% of US GDP). Unnecessarily reducing this segment of the economy is irresponsible.

7.   Build The Wall?

No. Our broken immigration system is NOT illegal border crossings. A contributing factor is benefit-magnets that increase demands on public welfare systems… and taxpayers.

8.   Walk Away from NAFTA?

The removal of all trade barriers is good. These provisions need to remain - treaty or no treaty.

The results of NAFTA has shifted economic advantage to Mexico, the big winner under NAFTA. Picking winners-and-losers is NOT right. All 3 participant nations should benefit – a rising tide that raises all boats.

9.   Sanctuary Cities?

I disagree with Mr Trump’s penchant to “influence” this decision.

This is a local decision directly related to public safety – NOT a “federal case”. Each community has the authority to make this decision for their community. Illinois has just become a Sanctuary State.We’ll see if that is the right decision for Illinois.

Individual citizens may have to “vote” by visiting city hall... or moving.



Life, Liberty, Property!