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Mr Trumpís Agenda


Mr Trump is a BIG gov't guy.

Most of his proposed "solutions" involve gov't action or gov't central control. He is NOT a Goldwater/Reagan conservative, nor a Tea Partier. He is a gov't-program minded Whig... a rogue outlier.

To his credit, Mr Trump has taken action consistent with his unpredictable campaign rhetoric. He has walked-the-walk by consistently advancing his agenda.

Mr Trump has had a few victories, as of Jan 2018:

  • Justice Neil Gorsuch
  • Repeal of the Individual Mandate, via Tax "Reform" legislation
  • Largescale spending cuts
    • ... my research does NOT match his rhetoric
  • Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  • Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord
  • Canceling the EPA Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule
  • Declaring his view of foreign policy within 6 months, the Trump Doctrine

The Heritage Foundation tallies 64% of Mr Trump's agenda done [Feb 28]

For the discussion below - Source is:


Advancing Liberty!

Every action by govít takes away choice from We The People. Activities that can be done by citizens do NOT need govít meddling/intrusion.

Liberty is increased personal freedom and less gov't activity.

SourceMr Trumpís IdeaGradeMy Position
Repeal the ďAffordableĒ Care Act (ACA).
The individual mandate is eliminated, via Tax ďReformĒ - starting in 2019.
B ACA should be fully repealed and NOT replaced.
Its fatal flaw cannot be overcome.
Without the individual mandate all other govít intrusions into the patient-doctor relationship MUST be ended.
Healthcare is a commodity in the Free Market; healthcare is NOT a right.
S1 Prison reform to give released people a second chance. A brief statement - NO details provided. C If someone pays his time for a criminal offense, there should be forgiveness and restoration. This should be done at a state level without any federal interference.
S1 Provide choice for veterans and their care. C minus Our bravest citizens should receive care for injuries received during combat/service. The VA system is costly and ineffective. Details that would prove cost effectiveness may improve my grade.
IA NO city can be a Sanctuary City. The federal govít has authority to capture and deport illegal aliens. Withhold federal funds to sanctuary cities. F This is a local decision. Illegal aliens live in a community and have an impact on that community Ė local control. ďLetĒ Illinois pursue being a Sanctuary State. Each state is free to decide.
Residents should voice their opinion to civic officials.
S1 To reduce the cost of prescription drugs. This as a top priority. F Gov't overreach is the cause for most of our national problems. Federal price controls or legislative dictates will complicate The Market and, in the end, increase prices.
Feb 2018 Gun "Control" negotiation - ... to consider confiscation and due process later. F minus shall NOT be infringed, period. We must NOT shortcut constitutional protections just to take (ill-thought) "action". Guns are NOT the problem.


Civility, NOT Hostility

Our public debate is mean-spirited and dysfunctional. We, as a nation, MUST be able to discuss issues and concerns without demonizing those with different ideas.

SourceMr Trumpís IdeaGradeMy Position
S1 Immigration ďReformĒ with true compromise. Give each side an outcome that they want. C  minus The 4 pillars of Mr Trumpís plan counteract. One concession negates the effect of another. There is NO clear policy advanced. Mr Trumpís compromise will create more govít AND create unpredictable and conflicting results.


Return to Constitutional Govít

OUR Constitution, the envy of most nations, is unused, NOT defended, and negated by each new federal statute. The restrictions placed upon the federal govít, by the Constitution, are gone. Each imperial President pushes the nation in his imageÖ only to be negated/altered by the next chief executive.

SourceMr Trumpís IdeaGradeMy Position
Doc Demand that each sovereign nation defend itself. NATO members need to increase funding as we reduce funding. A Each nation must demonstrate National Sovereignty, which includes defense. It is NOT the responsibility of the United States to defend our allies, nor the world.
IA Current multilateral trade agreements do NOT serve the United States; we should renegotiate all trade agreements or walk away, especially NAFTA. A minus The removal of all trade barriers is good. These provisions need to remain - treaty or no treaty.
NAFTA has shifted economic advantage to Mexico, the ďwinnerĒ. All 3 participant nations should benefit Ė a rising tide that raises all boats.
Doc America First - I will take action for people of the United States before considering people of the world. B The United States is a sovereign nations and a leader in the world. We do NOT have fraternal "obligations" to other nations and their people.
Mr Trump's implementation tends to protectionism and military might.
We should showcase our innovation and industry to other sovereign nations.
Tax Cut and Jobs Act
The economy can be "corrected" by tax policy that reduces income taxes. Individuals and corporations will then have more money in their pockets and invigorate the languishing economy.
C minus Aggressive tax cuts will increase the deficit and the massive federal debt.
Yes, we are Taxed Enough Already. Yet, our remedy should be to reduce spending until we balance the federal budget... then devise a plan to pay the massive federal debt.
Until the federal debt is reduced to $ 10,000,000,000,000, tinkering with taxes is yugely irresponsible.
IA Sanctions will encourage other nations to see our interests and then align with us. We should force other nations to see things our way. D minus Sanctions are economic war. Sanctions strain relationships between nations.
And, closer to home, sanctions adversely affect US exporters (about 10% of US GDP). It is irresponsible to unnecessarily reduce exports
Feb 2018 Steel and aluminum tariffs. F Tariffs impair free trade; they are protectionism, they reduce competition. Consumers will have fewer choices... and pay higher prices.
The correct strategy is for domestic producers to become more competitive - a market action, NOT gov't "action".
IA Military Superiority
The United States is strong when we are flexing our military muscle and having our way in the world. We must do everything to be the only world Super Power.
F Perpetual war? NO!.
Our global meddling since WWII has NOT produced peace, nor stability.
Isnít insanity doing the same thing and expecting a different result?
IA Build a wall on the southern border. This will keep drugs and crime from entering our nation. F Our broken immigration system is NOT illegal border crossings. Generous benefits draw immigrants and further strain public welfare systemsÖ and taxpayers. There should be NO federal benefits for non-citizens.
S1 Infrastructure spending is sorely needed. The federal gov't must oversee repairs and improvements to crumbling infrastructure. There should be $ 1.5 Trillion spent.
[Feb 11] The federal govít to fund 13%, $ 200,000,000,000.
F Roads, bridges, etc. in a community should be maintained by .... the community. Funding should come from businesses and residents that would benefit the most from upgraded infrastructure. No more tax breaks for professional athletic venues; make the owners pay for their project.


Reduce Govít Spending

THE biggest scandal? The massive federal debt. We must arrest the cause, out-of-control spending and annual deficit.

SourceMr Trumpís IdeaGradeMy Position
IA Spending cuts are needed. Unnecessary govít and unnecessary regulations should be eliminated. Rhetoric has claimed BIG cutsÖ C plus We need BIG cuts. Iím NOT able to confirm Mr Trump's large cuts.
My plan balances the budget in 7 years and fully pays the massive federal debt in less than 40 years.
S1 More the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. D Without an explanation this is inflammatory. It disrupts current understanding and custom. The US should NOT stir international strife.
This effort (if allowed) will be costly. Building a new embassy and properly securing it, amidst a world hotspot, should raise fiscal concerns.
I will vote NO for such funding.


Establish Effective and Efficient Govít

Taxes extorted by govít must be spend with good care. Often, because taxes do NOT ďbelongĒ to govít officials, they are carelessly wasted/spent. Like a familyís budget, we must get good value for tax dollars spent.

Govít must manage better than via huge, inefficient bureaucraZy.

SourceMr Trumpís IdeaGradeMy Position
S1 Federal department heads should have more authority to fire workers that do NOT serve citizens. A Civil servants that do NOT serve The People should be fired. Gov't is established to serve, NOT impose onerous burdens upon citizens.
On-going You're fired! D This is yugely disruptive. Yes, sometimes change is needed. But, constant change is... disruptive.
IA Bolster the economy by govít programs Ė including tax cuts and other govít interventions. Central management is needed. D minus Wealth is created and the economy improves when We The People exchange goods and services in a Free Market.
Govít is always a leech and a burden to voluntary exchanges. Govít must NOT "nudge" economic trends; it must NOT (arbitrarily) pick winners and losers.



Life, Liberty, Property!