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Veterans’ Care


If the federal gov’t puts a soldier in harm’s way, it has a responsibility to treat those injuries received because of combat or other military service. Any other arrangement is improper and more so, unethical. Veterans are due proper medical care for active duty injury, there is NO wiggle room!

A larger problem is that we (or those we appoint to “lead”) have too many active duty and “we” create too many veterans. Pursuing enhanced diplomacy would produce a national Peace Dividend.

This page is focused on providing veterans proper care. However, please consider a bolder campaign to pursue enhanced diplomacy... a Peace Dividend.


"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein



Back in 2014 the VA scandal was brought to light – veterans died while waiting for care. I have heard NO story of a recovery or correction. I assume the worst…

Following Mr Einstein’s insight, what new thinking should occur to properly take care of our veterans? Can a solution be found?

Active Duty & Veterans

Healthcare for these two groups is separate – different departments and different budgets. Why?  The mission of the Department of Defense causes veterans. How can funding be separated?

Would we (… our “leaders”) assess military adventurism differently if the cost of veteran care was part of the caluculus?  I certainly hope so. As a taxpayer, I need to start demanding this.

I advocate moving the Veterans Administration under the management of the Department of Defense.

The Market

“Allowing” veterans to seek care via private healthcare providers is a necessary first step. The elephant of yuge bureaucraZy cannot be turned easily… veterans should NOT suffer as wholesale changes are considered and then implemented. Thank you Congress for an avenue to short-term veteran care.

A casual historical jaunt also supports a Free Market solution.

Large bureaucratic gov’t does NOT solve problems. It is the problem. - Ronald Reagan (paraphrased)



A consortium of concerned veterans is doing some new thinking. I wholeheartedly support their ideas, especially those that advoctate a trimmed federal gov't.



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