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NO More War!



Atrocities committed in another nation [April 2018] … what do we do?

As a world citizen we bring allegations and proof to the United Nations. We decry abuse by gov’t and ask for an end of this gov’t abuse. We depend upon the influence of the UN.

We do NOT bomb them.  There is NO STATE OF WAR between Syria and the United States. I will NOT declare war on Syria.


The Correct Stance

The United States must take a moral position and NOT wage war with anyone… unless the United States is invaded or domestically attacked.

Declaring war includes:

War is all or nothing... a point of no return.

War is the gravest human failure. We must always try peace and diplomacy

“ peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entanglements with none.”
  - Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address


War is NOT Foreign Affairs

There is a yuge difference between Security/Diplomacy/Foreign Affairs and overt military aggression.

If another nation does NOT interfere with the governance of our nation, we should NOT interfere in the governance of their nation. National Sovereignty. It’s that simple.

We should approach all nations to create partnerships in commerce. Each bilateral treaty would raise the standard of living for both sides. We won’t shoot or threaten the other guy because we depend upon each other for a better life.


Does a missile launch (out to sea) “justify” war?  NO. Are we really at risk?  Don't think so.

Our elected “leaders” do NOT want DPRK to have a nuclear weapon. What if we heeded DPRK’s wish for the United States to NOT have nuclear weapons? I cannot defend denying them a nuclear weapon. However, they must understand there are dire consequences for using such a weapon.


Russia is a regional hegemon; they have influence in Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. The United States does NOT. So we threaten war to have Russia’s influence/place? How does that make sense?  With vast natural resources Russia makes a better trading partner than military target.

The Islamic State

How does a battle for part of Iraq affect the United States? Their governance is none of our business.

The claim that our troops are fighting for our Freedom… falls short. Is our Freedom held captive in the desert of Iraq and Syria?  I don’t think so.

What if we evacuated the Middle East and “let” the nations of the Middle East govern themselves? This is the most likely path to peace... and commerce.


War is NOT foreign policy.


War Hawks

Why are our “leaders” war hawks? They do NOT represent me.

What happens when they enter into or sit in a congressional chamber? Would they “think” differently if they were part of the first offensive wave? or their children or grandchildren? Why do they see our children as dispensable, political pawns?

Would the rush to war be muted is those that vote for (or advocate) war had to sign-up to fight the war they want? Maybe?? … it's likely.



Life, Liberty, Property!

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