Mike Kolls (L) for Congress

United States House of Representatives
Texas District #24 - map

email - Rep@tx24.us

Our federal govít is broken. It does NOT serve We The People.
Bloated bureaucraZy defends and advances itself.

I want to go to DC and fix this aberration.

Our Republic


Where does perfection in governance lie? Is it with The Constitution of the United States or with permanent gov't growth via the Progressive movement?

We are at a tipping point. What is the desired structure of our federal gov't?  How do you vote?

My Campaign

The core of my campaign is Local Control. Decisions and action are more effective when made and implemented close to the situation. California has little idea what is good for Texas. Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas have different priorities.

Similarly, Washington, DC has little idea Ö.


I Individual Liberty! is irresistible. It should be central to all public debate.
II Politics must be better than usual. The civic ďdebateĒ in 2017 was revolting. How do we move from hostility to civility?
III Our first structural objective is to recommit to constitutional principles. Congressí roots are Article I Section 8, a finite list of duties Ė delegated to Congress by The People.
IV The federal govít must be reduced in size via sustained spending cuts.
V Those appointed to serve their constituents must require the federal govít to be become effective and much more efficient to better serve The People.

The Issues

In a more pragmatic view, appointed representatives must properly address the issues facing the nation. With a disciplined view of Local Control, issues belong to different groups.

Not everything is a federal case. Issues belong to:

Libertarians have a different philosophy than both Ds and Rs. Our unwavering love of Liberty! and belief in smaller govít are the keys to proper governance. If left to themselves people are more effective than distant govít Ė every single time.

Compare Libertarian positions vs Ds and Rs.

Useful Links

Public issues have been pondered by some smart people. Aspects of my positions are backed up by these opinions/strategies.

Please consider these useful links.

Just Do Something!

Taking ill-thought (or kneejerk) action is often more dangerous than doing nothing. On the other hand, deliberate action is best implemented locally.

NO - only reasoned, principled action solves problems.


The Political Waters

My platform stances can be measured by how they differ from established political trends.

My plans depend upon The People and distrust existing, BIG-govít bureaucraZy. I want to move decisions to kitchen tables Ė away from distant chambers.   Local Control.

My differences with:



My name is Mike Kolls. I would be honored to act on your behalf to reduce the size, scope, and reach of the federal govít. I want to cancel federal decisions that have been usurped from The People and return those decisions to The People. It is all about Liberty!

Why me?  I offer my thoughts and experiences. I will apply these life lessons to start the restoration our republic.


Please honor me with your confidence and your vote.
I will be a consistent advocate for right reform.


Life, Liberty, Property!